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Passionate to inspire others?

Become a Teacher!

Teaching has been considered the mother of all professions, which has been revolutionizing lives for centuries. Hence teachers earn a lot of respect around the world.  At HelpHour Academy, we value and respect your teaching skills, expertise, and talent. We believe in providing you with a chance to prove your capabilities and make your mark in the world.

At HelpHour Academy, we offer you an opportunity to teach with us! We have introduced flexible plans for teachers, enabling them to teach at their own place, or in our studio. Want to be a part of a renowned teaching platform? Join us today!

Business Interfaces:

You can opt-out of multiple business collaboration choices:

-> Video-graph your course and earn money: Make a video of your course on your own, launch the course on HelpHour Academy and get the maximum share every time a student purchases your course.

-> Let us video-graph for you: We provide our trainers and teachers with a professional studio facility. Let us shoot your course, launch it on HelpHour Academy, and get your share whenever a student purchases your course.
-> Sell your course: You can opt to sell your course at your negotiated price too.



You can become a teacher at HelpHour Academy if you have:

-> A professional degree at Masters Level; expertise in any particular field; or are categorized as a Guru in your subject.
-> The passion for teaching and helping young generations in moving forward.
-> Got some extra IT skills.
-> Done substantial research on any particular topic from our given list.
-> A large community of students who yearn to learn from you.

Guidelines and Instructions:

    To start your course at the HelpHour Academy platform, follow the given instructions carefully.

-> Choose the topic of your expertise.
-> Design an outline of the course content and the scheme of studies.
-> Get it approved by our Teachers Support Team.
-> Take your mobile, DSLR camera, or any other gadget to record your lectures.
-> If you desire, our Teachers Support Team can help you record your lectures at our state-of-the-art studio.
-> Try to make your lesson more interactive by creating quizzes, discussion points, and assignments.

Last modified: Tuesday, 13 October 2020, 12:32 PM